Bie Sukrit Wisedkaew  born September 4, 1985, is one of the famous vocalists (singers) in Thailand. He is considered as the one who is the most successful of the others. Because no one can resist his magical voice and dance, and his acting…and his fetching smile that can make every girl’s heart do flip-flop. Bie is the one who can grab and shake everyone’s heart with his music.

Bie nickname of ” Gumbie ” and his sister ” Mangpo ” shall mean ” flying dragon ” . Three of Bie is doing carpentry and his mother is a teacher. His parents separated after 14 years  . Bie received his bachelor 11 / , 2009 in mechanical engineering.

Bie won the first runner-up on the third season of Thailand’s reality/talent show series in 2006. From that day forward his life has changed. He reached into the showbiz soon after that and became one of the hottest rising vocalists. He got immense popularity immediately after releasing his first (debut) album “I Need Somebody”. Bie is well-known as Bie the star. Since appearing on “The Star”, Bie has recorded several love-hit albums and also starred in some Thai dramas and musicals, TV lakorns. His TV series are also very famous. He is not only good at singing but can act perfectly in every lakorn (Thai TV series) he acted. Bie now has more than 50,000 fan-clubs both inside and outside of the country.

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