Saranyu Winaipanit was born on September 12, 1984 . He is the son of two Thai teachers. Winaipanit is most commonly known by his fans as Ice Saranyu or Prince of smile. In 2006, Ice released his debut album Ice along with the single “Kon Jai Ngai” under the label Thai GMM Grammy. He later released a Japanese version of the song, entitled “Koi Nanja Nai”. One year later, he released his second album, Party on Ice, followed by ICE Kool Hits in 2008, which is a compilation album of songs from his two previous albums and work Winaipanit done on other albums.He studied in Sinakarinwirot University, Faculty of fine arts. Bachelor’s in Acting and Directing.

Winaipanit is currently working alongside fellow Thai pop singers Palitchoke Ayanaphutra (Peck) and Pongsak Rattanapong (Aof), under the name PECK AOF ICE, and has released an album, entitled “Together”, along with singles Kae Kon Toh Pid and Narak Na LOVE.

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Gong Jak Lai Dok BuaPrasopchat2007
Duay Rang Hang Ruk (2006)Sirayut2006


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