Kim Ji-soo (Hangul: 김지수; March 30, 1993), better known by his stage name Ji Soo (Hangul: 지수), is a South Korean actor. He made his acting debut on stage in 2009 and consequently starred in several short films. Kim gained wide recognition as a troubled teen in the television drama Angry Mom (2015).


My First First LoveYoon Tae Oh2019
My First First Love Season 2Yoon Tae Oh2019
Ping Pong BallKim Deuk Hwan2018
Bad Guys: City of EvilHan Gang Joo2017
Strong Woman Do Bong SoonGook Doo2017
DoctorsSoo Chul2016
FantasticKim Sang Wook2016
Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: RyeoWang Jung (14th Prince)2016
Page TurnerJung Cha Sik2016
Angry MomGo Bok Dong2015
Sassy Go GoSeo Ha Joon2015
God’s Quiz Season 4Kim Eun Shil2014
Love Frequency 37.2. . .2014
To the Beautiful You. . .2012


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