Jung Han-yong (정한용, born February 22, 1954) is a veteran South Korean actor. He has appeared in many television series, including 2009’s Iris. In 1983 he won the Baeksang Arts Awards for Best New Actor for his performance in the series Ordinary People (보통 사람들, Botong saramdeul).


The Miracle We Met Kim Haeng Jang2018
My Man’s Secret Ki Ra Seong2017
First Love Again Cha Dae Bae2016
Jang Yeong Shil 2016 Hwang Hui2016
Night Light Park Moo Il2016
City of the Sun Bae Myeong Je2015
Witch’s Castle Gong Nam Soo2015
A New Leaf Kwon Jae Yoon2014
Only You, My Love Kim Byung Tae2014
Empire of Gold Choi Dong Jin2013
Shining Romance Kang Dae Poong2013
Your Neighbor’s Wife deputy director2013
Your Woman Kang Min Bok2013
A Wife’s Credentials Hyun Tae’s father2012