Eulachacha WaikikiLee Sang Hyun2018
The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Season 1. . .2018
Sweet EnemyHong Se Kang2017
Beautiful Gong Shim. . .2016
Here Comes LoveLee Jin Ho2016
JackpotMok Ho Ryong2016
Divorce Lawyer in Lovedelivery man2015
Life Tracker Lee Jae GooChoi Dong Sik2015
The Girl Who Can See SmellsTak Min Suk2015
Yong PalHanshin Group hacker2015
A New Leafassociate lawyer2014
Angel EyesMoon Je Ha2014
God’s Gift – 14 DaysSoo Hyun’s junior2014
Golden TowerKim Ho Chang2014
MisaengOne International Employee2014
Blue TowerKim Ho Chang2013
Blue Tower ReturnKim Ho Chang2013
Your WomanNa Dae Goo2013
SyndromeYang Sang Doo2012


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