Welcome 2 LifeAhn Soo Ho2019
Madam Cha Dal Rae’s LoveTak Heo Se2018
Run, Jang Mi. . .2017
You Are Too MuchYeon Bong Soo2017
The Flower in PrisonDo Chi2016
Hwajung. . .2015
Kill Me, Heal MeSection Chief Choi2015
Remember – War of the SonAttorney Song Jae Ik2015
Mama – Nothing to Fearnude photographer2014
TemptationJo Young Chul2014
Empress KiJo Cham2013
Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of JoseonPil Doo2013
Can Love Become MoneyBang Gook Bong2012
FamilyYeol Hyung Beom2012
Haeundae LoversOh Jong Chul2012
Rooftop PrinceHong Nak Hyun2012
Unexpected YouNam Nam Goo2012


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