Praise of DeathLee Suh Koo2018
Your HonorJo Bok Soo2018
Chief KimLee Jae Joon2017
FalsifyLee Yong Sik2017
Just Between LoversSang Man2017
DoctorsKang Kyung Joon2016
Riders: Catch TomorrowCameo2015
Second Time Twenty Years OldSeo Dong Chul2015
The Secret MessageSung Joon2015
Emergency Man and Womanmale patient2014
Plus Nine BoysYoung Hoon2014
Secret DoorMinister Jang2014
You’re All SurroundedCameo2014
Empire of GoldNa Choon Ho2013
Unemployed RomanceUhm Hyo Sang2013
You Who Came From the StarsYoon Bum2013


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