Kim Kiri (Hangul: 김기리, sometimes romanized as Kim Kilee or Kim Giri) is a South Korean comedian best known from his appearances on the comedy sketch show Gag Concert aired by KBS2.

Kim signed with Cube Entertainment in September 2012, making him the first comedian under the label.

From December 2012 on wards, Kim dated fellow Gag Concert comedian Shin Bora, however it was reported in June 2015 that the two have since broken up. On May 15, 2016, Kim appeared on King of Mask Singer (episode 59) and had a great rap performance. During the interview after, he said “Thank to this program, I broke up my own limit”.

In 2016, Kim entered Tribe of Hip Hop 2 as a contestant who perfectly copied Paloalto’s Good Life, and was revealed he turned down opportunities to compete in Show Me the Money twice due to his lack of ability to write lyrics, but ended up not being in Paloalto’s team because the team ran out of diamonds to bid for him.

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