Kwak Dong-yeon (곽동연; born 19 March 1997), is a South Korean actor and a singer-trainee. He is best known for his supporting role in 2012 most popular family drama My Husband Got a Family, which honored him as the Best Young Actor at the Korea Drama Awards. Kwak is also known for his role as young Shin Jungtae in Inspiring Generation and his leading role in several special dramas, such as Adolescence Medley and Middle School Girl A. He is also a member of a band, Kokoma, where he plays lead guitar.


Doctor DetectiveJung Ha Rang2019
My ID Is Gangnam BeautyYun Woo Young2018
My Strange HeroOh Se Ho2018
Radio RomanceJe Yi Seun2018
Reunited WorldsSung Hae Chul2017
Third-Rate My WayCameo2017
GoblinWang Yeo (Young)2016
Moonlight Drawn by CloudsKim Byung Yeon2016
Pied PiperJung In2016
Puck!Hwang Kyung Pil2016
Hwajung. . .2015
The FlattererPark Gun2015
Inspiring Generation: The Birth of the God of BattleJung Tae (young)2014
Modern FarmerHan Ki Joon2014
Adolescence MedleyChoi Jung Woo2013
Jang Ok JungDong Pyung Goon (young)2013
Unexpected YouBang Jang Goon2012


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