Lee Seung-joon (born February 11, 1973) is a South Korean actor. He is most active in theater, but is also a supporting actor onscreen, notably in the blockbuster epic The Admiral: Roaring Currents and the romance drama Discovery of Love


Mr. Sunshine . . .2018
Argon Yoo Myung Ho2017
Rude Miss Young Ae Season 16 Lee Seung Joon2017
The Package Cameo2017
Babysitter Pyo Young Kyun2016
Descendants of the Sun Song Sang Hyun2016
Monster . . .2016
Rude Miss Young Ae Season 15 Lee Seung Joon2016
Wanted Jang Jin Woong2016
Bubblegum Kwon Ji Hoon2015
Hyde, Jekyll and I Kwon Young Chan2015
Rude Miss Young Ae Season 14 Lee Seung Joon2015
Discovery of Romance Yoon Jung Mok2014
Misaeng Shin Woo Hyun2014
Rude Miss Young Ae Season 13 Lee Seung Joon2014
The Legendary Witch Park Won Jae2014
Nine: 9 Times Time Travel Han Young Hoon2013
Secret Choi Kwang Min2013
Time Slip Dr. Jin Kwon Ik Joo2012