Doctor Prisoner. . .2019
My First First Love Season 2Do Hyun’s father2019
Children of NobodyHong Ki Tae2018
Come and Hug MePyo Taek2018
Bad Guys: City of EvilShin Joo Myung2017
Rebel: Thief Who Stole The PeopleKim Ja Won2017
My Wife’s Having an Affair this WeekPark Young Soo2016
Uncontrollably FondCEO Namgoong2016
Awl. . .2015
Miss Mamma MiaShim Suk Bong2015
My Beautiful BrideCompany President Jo2015
King of High School Life ConductYoon Dong Jae2014
PinocchioJung Ki Bong2014
Cruel CityDetective Squad Chief Yang2013


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