The Secret Life of My SecretaryJung Joong Hee2019
Handsome Guy and Jung Eum. . .2018
I’m Not a RobotJo Jin Bae2017
Secret ForestKim Jung Bon2017
Father, I’ll Take Care of YouSeo Chul Min2016
I Have a Lover. . .2015
Six Flying DragonsYi Bang Gwa2015
Angel EyesKim Ho Jin2014
Could We Love?Park Seung Ryong2014
Joseon GunmanGunpowder Technician2014
Modern FarmerPark Sang Deuk2014
Wonderful Day in OctoberSong Ha Jin2014
Nine: 9 Times Time TravelChoi Jin Chul (young)2013
Will You Love and Give It Away?Song Byung Joo2013
Dummy MommyBae Il Do2012
The King of DramasJoo Dong Suk2012


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