The Great SeducerPriest Matteo2018
The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Season 1Jo Joon2018
The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Season 2Jo Joon2018
Wok of LoveIm Hae Jeong2018
Deserving of the NameMin Byung Ki2017
Ice BinggooCameo2017
Missing NineTae Ho Hang (Jae Gook’s Secretary)2017
My Little BabySeo Jang Hoon2016
All About My MomPark Gye Tae2015
Hidden Identitysecurity guard2015
Oh My GhostYoon Chul Min2015
Six Flying Dragonschief of beggar2015
Inspiring Generation: The Birth of the God of Battle. . .2014
It’s Okay, That’s LoveYang Tae Yong2014
Kang Goo’s Story. . .2014
PinocchioCha Woo Chul2014
The Legendary WitchCompany President Kim2014
Ohlala Couple. . .2012


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