Wallace Huo was born on December 26, 1979 in Taiwan. Huo is a singer and an actor who began his entertainment business at the age of 17. As a singer, he took two years of dancing and vocal training. However, he was enlisted in the army before he was able to record his first album. After Huo completed his military service, he became successful after in the drama, At the Dophin Bay. He is known for his acting in The Glamourous Imperial Concubine, Sound of Colors, and Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, which is AKA The Vigilantes in Masks.

Information gathered and written by Sleepyhead.

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Strange Hero Yi Zhi MeiLi Ge Xiao2011
Love At First FightLi Ya Shou2007
The Imperial DoctressZhu Qi Zhen


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