Dazzling. . .2019
Save Me Season 2Boong Eo2019
Clean With Passion For NowCameo2018
CrossNoh Jong Il2018
ExitDo Jung Man2018
My ID Is Gangnam BeautyDo Kyung Suk’s father2018
Rich Family’s SonChoi Hyo Dong2018
Blackman with spider tattoo2017
Manhole: Feel So Good. . .2017
Nothing to LoseChoi Go Soo2017
Romance Full of LifeSung’s father2017
Beautiful Gong ShimKong Hyuk2016
Master: God of NoodlesGoo San2016
Jingbirok. . .2015
Kill Me, Heal Mealcoholic patient2015
Reply 1988No Eul (adult)2015
The Merchant: Gaekju 2015. . .2015
The Time We Were Not In LoveByun Woo Sik2015
HealerChul Min2014
Pinocchiohomeroom teacher2014
The Full SunHama2014
The Three Musketeers Season 1Dal Hyang’s father2014
Cruel Palace – War of FlowersKim In2013


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