Dazzling. . .2019
Clean With Passion For NowCameo2018
CrossNoh Jong Il2018
ExitDo Jung Man2018
My ID Is Gangnam BeautyDo Kyung Suk’s father2018
Rich Family’s SonChoi Hyo Dong2018
Blackman with spider tattoo2017
Manhole: Feel So Good. . .2017
Nothing to LoseChoi Go Soo2017
Romance Full of LifeSung’s father2017
Beautiful Gong ShimKong Hyuk2016
Master: God of NoodlesGoo San2016
Jingbirok. . .2015
Kill Me, Heal Mealcoholic patient2015
Reply 1988No Eul (adult)2015
The Merchant: Gaekju 2015. . .2015
The Time We Were Not In LoveByun Woo Sik2015
HealerChul Min2014
Pinocchiohomeroom teacher2014
The Full SunHama2014
The Three Musketeers Season 1Dal Hyang’s father2014
Cruel Palace – War of FlowersKim In2013


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