Iron ManSe Dong’s landlord2104
Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter. . .2018
Go Back CoupleCameo2017
Hospital Shipauditor2017
Perfect Wife. . .2017
The Sound of Your Heart. . .2016
My Heart Twinkle TwinkleRestaurant Owner Kong’s wife2015
Cunning Single LadyCameo2014
PinocchioMoon Deok Soo2014
The Legendary WitchOh Man Bok2014
What’s With This Family?Mart Owner Seo2014
Goddess of MarriageManager Hwang2013
KangChi, The Beginning. . .2013
Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of Joseoneunuch2013
Your Neighbor’s WifeManaging Director Yang2013
StandbyRyu Jung Woo’s friend2012


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