Ameria Jacobs, nickname Amy, is a Thai actress and model. Her acting career starts when she sign in with ch.7 in 2008. Few years later, in 2013 she ended her contract and signed in with ch.3 starting her first lakorn Monruk Kon Hua Look with them.

In 2006, Amy won Miss Teen Thailand.

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Monruk Gae BonToongTing2012
Thida Wanorn 3Lyawadee / Jao Ying Sai Kham2011
Sao Noi Mahasajun. . .2010
Thida Wanorn 2Lyawadee / Jao Ying Sai Kham2009
Tida WanornLyawadee /Jao Ying Sai Kham2008


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