All Kinds of Daughters-in-LawNa Myung Ja2017
Run, Jang MiProfessor Choi2017
Five ChildrenLee Jum Sook2016
You are a Gift. . .2016
I Have a LoverKim Gyu Nam2015
My Fantastic FuneralMi Soo’s mother2015
Angel’s RevengeWoo Ah Ran2014
Birth of a BeautySon Ji Sook2014
Medical Top TeamHan Eun Sook2013
Thorn FlowerHong Ssi2013
Two Women’s RoomGong Bok Ja2013
Wonderful MamaChoi Eun Ok2013
Can Love Become MoneyMrs. Jung2012
Dummy MommyJang Young Sook2012


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