Kim Ga-eun (born January 8, 1989) is a South Korean actress.


DazzlingOh Hyun Joo2019
The Wind BlowsSon Ye Rim2019
I Picked up a Star on the RoadLee Yeon Seo2018
Because This Is My First LifeYang Ho Rang2017
Reunited WorldsSung Young In2017
JackpotGye Sul Im2016
AwlMoon So Jin2015
I Order For YouPark Song Ah2015
Gap Dongfemale student2014
Inspiring Generation: The Birth of the God of BattleSo So2014
Joseon GunmanIm Je Mi2014
TV Novel – Single Minded DandelionMin Deul Re2014
I Hear Your VoiceGo Sung Bin2013
Jang Ok JungHyang Yi2013
God’s Quiz Season 3Cameo2012
My Love, Madame ButterflyKim Sal Goo2012


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