Kim Ye-ryeong (born Kim Yoon-mi on March 17, 1969) is a South Korean actress.


Home for SummerByun Myung Ja2019
Love in SadnessLee Kyung Hee2019
Radio RomanceJo Ae Ran2018
Shall We Live Together. . .2018
The Beauty InsideEun Ho’s mother2018
Introverted BossAe Lan (Hwan Ki’s Mother)2017
MomPark Hyun Sung2017
Revolutionary LoveByun Geum Hee2017
Love is Drop by DropOh Hae Won2016
Strange FamilySon Do Soon2016
My Beautiful BrideJoo Young’s mother2015
Scholar Who Walks the NightKim Sung Yeol’s mother2015
TV Novel – The Stars Are ShiningLee Jung Rye2015
Cunning Single Lady. . .2014
Joseon GunmanLady Kim2014
TV Novel – Single Minded DandelionHwang Geum Sil2014
Empress KiLady Lee2013
Melody of LoveGoo Mi Ok2013
Monstar tvNcameo2013
Full House Take 2Tae Ik’s mother2012
King’s DreamMrs. Man Myung2012
Love YouLee Yoon Hee2012
TV Novel – Dear LoveKim Yang Ja2012
The Moon That Embraces the SunLady Park2012


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