Lee Hye-sook (born September 4, 1962) is a South Korean actress. She began acting in 1979, and has remained active in Korean cinema and television since. Lee is best known for the 1991 film Silver Stallion, in which she portrayed a young widow who was raped by an American soldier from a nearby base, then afterwards shunned by her village and driven to poverty and prostitution.


Good Witch. . .2018
My Only OneNa Hong Sil2018
My Golden LifeSong Hye Sook2017
Return of Lucky Pot. . .2017
Beautiful Gong ShimLawyer’s wife2016
Blue Bird’s HouseJung Soo Kyung2015
The Return of Hwang Geum BokCha Mi Yeon2015
A Well Grown Daughter, HanaIm Chung Ran2013
I Summon You, Gold!Jang Duk Hee2013
Fashion KingYoon Hyang Sook2012
I’ll Give You The Stars and The MoonOh Young Sun2012


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