Preem Ranida is a young actress for Channel 3. She was born in Thailand but at the age of three, moved with her family to Italy and only returned back when she was 14. At the time of her arrival, she barely understood the Thai language so she had a special tutor to help her and within a couple of months, she was able to read and write more fluently. Originally, Preem wasn’t interested in working in the entertainment field because she felt that it wasn’t compatible with her personality but when the opportunity came about where she was recruited by Ae Supachai, she gradually learned to enjoy her occupation as an actress and model. She has two names,Janie and Preem but Ae Supachai advised her to go with Preem as it’s more different and unique.


Sanae Rak Nang SinPrim2018
Thang Phan KammathepPattaralada2015
Sam Bai Mai Thao 2014Noo Intuon2014
Samee 2013Rasika Prakakiat (Khunying Ai)2013
Suparburoot Jutathep: Khun Chai TaratornMom Luang Raweerumpai/Maprang2013
Mae Yaai Tee RakMuctree2012


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