3 Days

Also Known As: 쓰리데이즈
Genre: Action Crime Melodrama Political Romance Thriller
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: March 5th, 2014
to: May 1st, 2014


“3 Days” is an action crime thriller about a case that occurs in three days between secret service agents in the Blue House.

The South Korean President travels to a villa to enjoy his vacation. After three gunshots are fired, he disappears. His bodyguard Han Tae Kyung (Park Yoo Chun) attempts to find the President.

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Tae Kyung (young)

Lee Dong Whi

Yoon Bo Won

Lee Cha Young

Kim Do Jin

Ham Bong Soo

Kim Sang Hee

Moon Sung Min

Blue House’s Senior Civil Affairs

president’s bodyguard

Chief of Situation Center

Goo Ja Kwang

Park Sung Kyu

presidential bodyguard

Jung Rae

Han Ki Joo

Yang Dae Ho

Choi Ji Hoon

Oh Young Min

Lee Jae Woong

Kwon Jae Hyun

Kim Ki Bum

Ri Chul Kyu

Min Hyun Ki

Byun Tae Hoon

Lee Dong Sung

Kim Do Jin’s right hand man
Park Yoo Chun

Han Tae Kyung
Yoon Je Moon

Shin Kyu Jin
Kim Min Jae

Hwang Yoon Jae
Kim Hyo Sun

Kim Hyo Sun
Seo Geun Woo

president’s bodyguard
Kim Hyung Kyu

Yo Han
Jun Jin Ki

Hwang Kyung Joon
Jung Wook

Kwon Yong Han
David Noh

Kim Han Joon


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