3 Hua Jai

Also Known As: สามหัวใจ
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 12
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: June 26th, 2010
to: July 24th, 2010


Three hearts represent 3 brothers with very different personalities and in different stages of their lives, who fall for the same girl played by Pat Napapa. She likes them all like her brothers but one stood out.

Chan is the oldest and is describe as a man who is very competitive, he hates losing. He’s a lawyer and extremely intelligent. From the outside, he looks like a selfish man, but really he’s a virtuous man. Compared to his two younger brothers, he is the most cunning of them all.

Chai is the second oldest and approximately 2 years younger than Chan. He’s a pessimistic, kind-hearted individual with a heart of gold. Compared to Chan who is more analytical, Chai is the artsy brother who loves cooking, crafts, and music. Chai is a boxer, a very good one too.

Lastly we have Chat, the youngest, the baby of the family. He’s a teenager, a final year secondary student. He’s temperamental, impatient, doesn’t think before he acts. He uses his fist more then reasoning. With Chat, you see what you get.

The plot starts off with an attempted rape of Chom (Pat) by her stepfather. Chom is a final year nursing student whose foster mother had just recently passed away, her stepfather who has been secretly lusting after her starts to make his desires known since no one is around anymore to stop him. When he tried to rape her, Chat (Alex) happens to be around the area and saves Chom. He takes her to his home to live with his family which includes his mother and 2 older brothers: Chan (Ace) and Chai (Boy). Her presence causes a rift between the 3 brothers because all 3 fell in love with her. The rift is especially heated between Chan and Chat, the oldest and youngest brother. Then something unexpected happened to Chat and Chan which lead to their deaths. As with Chai, he is falsely accuse of a crime he did not commit and was sent to jail. The summary question asked if Chom will wait for Chai when he gets out, obvious yes because she has no other brothers to choose from.

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