A Well Grown Daughter, Hana

Also Known As: 잘 키운 딸 하나 / Well Brought Up Daughter, Hana
Genre: Family Romance
Episodes: 122
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: December 2nd, 2013
to: May 30th, 2014


The Jang family owns the Hwangso Soy Sauce Factory, which has been making soy sauce for two centuries. When the patriarch’s son dies in a train crash, Jang Ha-na, the family’s fourth daughter, is chosen to be its next successor. However, because of the tradition of passing the ownership of the company only to a male heir, Ha-na is raised as a boy and must disguise herself as the family son called “Jang Eun-sung” in order to inherit and prevent the factory from being taken over by her mother’s scheming rival and her two children as well as a rival competitor.

Jang Ha Na / Jang Eun Sung

Sul Do Hyun

Joo Hyo Sun

Jang Ha Myung

Ha Myung (young)

Jang Pan Ro

Im Chung Ran

Jang Min Suk

Sul Jin Mook

Sul Do Eun

Go Kwang Chul / Park Doo Shik

Secretary Park

Kim Jin Chul
Jang Da Na

Ha Na / Eun Sung (young)
Lee Tae Gon

Han Yoon Chan
Lee Hyun Bin

Yoon Chan (young)
Yoon Se In

Jang Ra Hee
Jo Min Ah

Ra Hee (young)
Kim Ji Young

Byun Jong Soon
Kim Joo Young

Jang Ra Gong
Jang Min Kyo

Ra Gong (young)
Jung Dong Kyu

Secretary Kim
Jung Young Geum

Mrs. Uhm
Son Se Bin

Section Chief Eun So Yun
Hwang Shin Jung

Butler Seo
Kim Gyu Jin

Section Chief Kim Young Ho
Song Ji Yoo

Do Eun’s colleague
Jang Ga Hyun

Announcer School teacher
Sung In Ja

cadre of Hwang So Soy Sauce


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