Ban Saithong 2000

Also Known As: บ้าน ทรายทอง
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 25
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2000


After her father- Phana- dies, Phojeman Pinitnam, or Poh, (Joy) follows his orders and goes to live with her aunt, Phanarai, in their house, Ban Saithong in Bangkok. Besides going there to continue her education, she also wants to find out the truth about her family. After reading her father’s journal, she learns that her family is the true owner of Bansaithong.

While Pho is living in Bansaithong, she is treated cruelly by her aunt and cousin, Ying Lek. Her other cousin, Ying Yai (the eldest daughter), is cold to her at first but later becomes a sister figure to Pho. Pho also immediately becomes close friends with the youngest son of the Sawangwong family, Chai Noi, who is half crippled, and treated as an unwanted person by his mother and Ying Lek.

Chaiglum Sawangwong(Num), the eldest son, comes home and learns the truth. He is often away on business in other countries for months at a time and rarely completely knows what is happening in the household when he gets back. He feels that it is his duty to do what is right by taking care of Pho and giving her back Ban Saithong. Little did he know that he was falling in love with her while she was also falling in love with him.

Later on, they get married but Chaiglum’s mother and sister keep trying to break their marriage, even after they moved out of the house and Pho became the lady of Ban Saithong.

When Phojenee, Pho’s sister hears this, she decides to stay with Pho because she was in a bad situation. Pho feels sorry for her and allowed her sister to live together with her. The truth was, Phojanee was jealous when she saw Pho’s good fortune, being loved by Chaiglum and rich. She tries to seduce Chai (Chaiglum) but failed numerously because he felt that she was disgusting and annoying.

Phojenee did lots of bad thing along with Chai’s evil sister and mother and their bad servants. Phojenee then went along with them accusing Pho of having an affair with a unknown man that came to the house to get some money. Little did she know that the unknown guy was actually her own husband whom she ran away from.

More jealousy came between Pho and Chai, which led them to being angry at each other. Not being able to let go of their prides, their enraging anger led them to not enter in each other’s room. They were married but had the room divided into two sides, there was a door dividing their rooms.

Pho found out that she was pregnant but ordered the doctor to keep it as a secret. She told no one about this so nobody knows except for the servant Nathip.

Ying Lek gets married with her boyfriend, whom she believes is rich; however, his business is based on thievery. On the day of her wedding, Pho was kind enough to order her servant Nathip to take her dowry daimond necklace that Chaiglums’s older sister passed onto her to give it to Ying Lek.

Chai Noi, who was handicapped, died because his mother pushed him into the lake as a punishment for going to the big house when he should be staying at the small house with Nathip (the lady that watches over him). His mother was jealous that Chai Noi loved Pho more than he loved her. Being half crippled, he was unable to help himself out of the lake. For a long time, nobody could find him. Right when he was about to die, his mother just realized that she loved her unwanted son and when she comes back to him, he dies in his mother’s hands.

While Chai Noi was still sick, Chai and Ying Lek argued outside the house. The evil younger sis was saying lots of bad words and things about Pho to Chai. This was upsetting Chai so Chai confronted the sister about returning the diamond necklace back to Poh . The sister looks hesitant and doesn’t know what to say.

Nathip ends up revealing to Ying Yai that Pho is pregnant.

Pho was devastated and really hurt about Chai Noi’s death because she always loved him as her brother, so after the funeral ceremony and burial she decided to go back home to her mother’s house in the province.

In the mean time, Ying Lek and the evil servant made Phojanee run up to Pho’s room to find some love letters or evidence of the affair she was having with the stranger. While the sister was searching she found a shocking letter instead of a love letter. At the same moment, Ying Lek just found out that her rich husband was caught stealing and trying to pass through the border line between Thailand and Manila with lots of diamonds that he stole. She was shocked and then pleaded to Chai to bail her husband out. Suddenly Phojanee came crying and saying sorry and that she has misunderstood her older sister the whole time. Chai reads the letter out loud. As he was reading everyone was surprise by what the letter said. The letter was a thank you letter from Pho’s younger sister’s ex husband, Niwe. He had wrote to thank Pho for giving him money to cure himself from sickness and also explained how much Pho must love her sister to not let him reach her Pohjenee. He went on saying that Pho is a great person that always helped everyone and deserves the best and that he deserves to become a servant to Pho.

Chai was happy to know that the mysterious man that everyone thought was Pho’s lover was not her lover. Chai and his older sister was proud of Pho’s doing.

While Pho was away the doctor came over. Because he is the family doctor he felt bad that he was not there to treat the brother since he was away out of town. Then the doctor told Chai that even though his brother is gone, there is still something good for him and he should be happy for it. The doctor reveals that Pho is pregnant, which made Chai very happy. As soon as he found out that she is pregnant, he went to Pho’s mother house and finally he met her and said “I love you” to her.(She was mad the whole time because Chai never said I Love You to her.) Pho gave in because she loved him as well.

When Chai and Pho returned to Ban Saithong they brought along Pho’s mother, and everyonce reconciled; Chai’s mother finally accepted Pho as her daughter-in-law.

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Pohjaman Pinitnant/Pohjaman Sawangwong

(Chaiglarng) ParadaPatrapee Sawangwong

(Ying Lek) PawineeJarusreang Sawangwong

(Ying Yai) ParadeeSawangwat Sawangwong

Pohjaman's friend



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