Beautiful World

Also Known As: 아름다운 세상
Genre: Family Melodrama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: jTBC
Broadcast Period: April 5th, 2019
to: May 25th, 2019


“Beautiful World” is a story about a boy on the brink of death due to school violence and his family’s efforts to discover the truth on behalf of their son. It explores the search of hope through the healing of one another’s pain, even in a selfish world filled with lies, deceit, distrust, exposure, and the disregard of others’ suffering.

Park Moo Jin

Kang In Ha

Oh Jin Pyo

Seo Eun Joo

Park Sun Ho

Park Soo Ho

Oh Joon Suk

Han Dong Soo

Lee Jin Woo

Im Sook Hee

Park Seung Man

Eun Kyung Sun

Bae Sang Bok

Lee Sang Woo

Jung Man Sup


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