Buang Hong

Also Known As: บ่วงหงส์
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: May 20th, 2009
to: July 9th, 2009


The lakorn “Buang Hong” follows the downfall of a high society girl named Pimlapas (“Pancake” Khemmanid Jamikorn), her life starts out rosy. She is a daughter of a wealthy man, she has a great boyfriend, and she is a well-known supermodel. Because fate can be cruel, in one day, she loses everything. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father dies, her stepmother played by “Namfon” Kullanat Preeyawat swindled all his wealth. In a blink of an eye, Pimlapas is penniless and an orphan.

During her desperate situation, she is contacted by a mysterious person, they give her an offer she can’t refuse. Pimlapas is assigned to penetrated a high-end hotel owned by Ramet (Vee Veeraparb) to steal important documents in exchange for a truck load of money.

First, she seduces Ramet. He instantly falls for her, gradually at their relationship progress, she starts to like him too. That’s her dilemma, she falls in love with a man to whom she is assigned to swindle.

On the day she decides to steal the documents, she is caught by Ramet. Though heart-broken and disappointed, Ramet doesn’t call the cops. Instead, he does something different. He blackmails her and makes her a server at the hotel’s dining room. Things were going well, she was paying back her debt to Ramet, then her stepmother arrives and trouble starts to stir in her life again.

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