Buang Ruk

Also Known As: Love Loop
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 23
Broadcast Network: Thai TV5
Release Year: 2005


Puri’s mom in this lakorn was the girlfriend of Pepper’s dad. They were in love , but his dad didn’t let him marry her. He trashed her seamstress shop and threatened her, so Puri’s mom ran away and she was pregnant with Puri and never told Pepper’s dad that she was pregnant. He tries to find her but she is nowhere to be found. Pepper’s dad soon after is forced to marry another women and had Pepper and his evil sister. On the other side, Puri’s mom married another man and had Fang.

Years later, Fang is hired at Pepper’s company, but he fires her because she didn’t do her job correctly. When she was kicked out of the company, she begged Pepper’s dad to give her another chance. When Pepper’s dad looks at Fang’s application, he notices that her mom is his EX. Knowing this, he helps Fang. With a misunderstanding, Pepper thinks that Fang is a gold digger, so he decides to torture her…..

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