Chun Ruk Tur Na

Also Known As: ฉันรักเธอนะ
Genre: Comedy Drama Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: February 29th, 2012
to: April 12th, 2012


Napdao, a regular lady with a hard time hearing, living with her grandma after her parent decease. Ayuki, a Japanese famous star singer and an asian hit’s best model/singer, come to the Thailand for a concert and got kidnapped by Yamada, a guy who like her and also is an order from Cici, another Japanese model, who is jealous of Ayuki. During Ayuki got kidnapped, Napdao was in her place, because she needs the money to help her grandma. At the island, Ayuki and Yamada starts develop feelings toward each other.

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