Cruel City

Also Known As: 무정도시 / Heartless City
Genre: Action Crime Romance Thriller
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: jTBC
Broadcast Period: May 27th, 2013
to: July 30th, 2013


“Cruel City” is an action crime thriller about a police officer joining a gang to investigate a drug case.

Yoon Soo Min (Nam Gyu Ri) decide to find her friend’s killer by going undercover and finishing what she started with. However, she ends up falling in love with the drug lord, Jung Shi Hyun (Jung Kyung Ho) who might have had a role in her friend’s death.

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Jung Shi Hyun

Yoon Soo Min

Ji Hyung Min

Min Hong Ki

Lee Jin Sook

Moon Duk Bae

Kim Hyun Soo

Lee Kyung Mi

Oh Jung Yun

Director Jo

Shi Hyun’s underling

Jeo Wool / Scale

Park Eun Ae

Ahn Kyung Chan

Detective Squad Chief Yang

Busan Gang President Jo

Detective Kim
Kim Hyo Sun

Killer Eun soo
Kim Min Sang

Kim Bbong
Shim Min

Joo Young


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