Din Nam Lom Fai

Also Known As: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire
Genre: Action Drama
Episodes: 17
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2009


Ever since the Vietnam War, The country of America sent their troops in to be stationed in Thailand. The drug named, “heroine” then becomes known all over the world with Thailand as the main producer and export. Outlaws start to rise and it becomes a drug selling ring across countries that has power above right in the country. Dealing with these outlaws is difficult when the law is unable to punish them. 4 anonymous hero’s whom are Din, Narm, Lorm, and Fai (Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire) then becomes the headmen to gathering the villagers to go against the outlaws and they don’t want much except for the peace of the country.

Sing and Parnsark are best friends. Sing’s son is named Din (Earth, 10 years old) and the daughter of Bparn Sark is named Ni Orn (9 years old). The two families live in a slum in Bangkok, Thailand in the end of the 60′s. Din and Ni Orn are very close friends to where everyone often made fun of them and teased them that they were boyfriend’s and girlfriends. Once Ni Orn is being bullied, Din often showed up in time to help her every time. The two promised never forget each other. All the while Sing recieves a letter for him to return home and claim his inheritance which is land in the forest of Kao Saming his birth village; because his father has passed away. Sing and family bids farewell to Bparnsak’s family because they will be building their family in the country. When Bparnsak joins Hia Wit’s gang there is an assassination attempt on him by Chai who is one of Hia Wit’s men. Instead of shooting Bparnsak the bullet misses and hits Bparnsak’s wife resulting in her death. Bparnsak takes Ni Orn and hide’s in Sing and Din’s car to Bpa Kaosaming. Sing had helped Bparnsak and Ni Orn. Bparnsak after arriving to Kao Saming and see’s the condition of the land he is happy about it and sends news to Hia Wit. Hia Wit then tells Bparnsak to ask Sing how much he would sell it for, but Sing refuses to sell it causing Hia Wit to be very angry. Hia Wit then sends his men to go and hurt Sing and Din. Ni Orn see’s that Sing is being hurt so she tries to help but she is thrown into a wall and faints. Hia Wit then orders Bparnsak to shoot Sing and Din. Bparnsak has no choice but to shoot Sing and then go after Din. He is forced to let Din go when Din jumps down the hill. He then shoots the gun into the sky to make it appear as though he had shot Din.

15 years pass by and Bparnsak crawls up to become the mafia of the drug business and extremely wealthy. Ni Orn grows up, but cannot remember the past due to what she had saw in the past. Din is a child who was chased and came to meet a Monk who Din had asked to stay with him until he grows up. The Monk had helped Tim get a job in the store, but in his heart Din has always wanted to go and meet Bparnsak once again.

Fai (Fire) a young police captain who just finished school in England his father the Police Major had killed himself due to the fact that he was framed for dealing drugs. Fai wants to find the truth and clear the name of his father but in the end he is forced to resign from the force, but Colonel Sawaeng the leader of the secret investigation intelligence is interested in him and getting him to join the Secret Investigation Intelligence. Fai goes under disguise as Akkee once he is in the Secret Investigation Intelligence. He is Fai once he is in the Lion gang that belongs to Bparnsak. Fai is sent to prison so that he can get the interest of Sitie who is one of Bparnsak’s henchmen.

At the same time Naragorn one of the henchmen in the Lion Gang is sent into join the Secret Investigation Intelligence of Colonel Sawaeng with both Fai and Naragorn both blind to the fact that both are both spies for different sides. Once it’s time to go to Bparnsak’s American Bar, Naragorn disguises herself and uses the name Rosie.

Din goes to help Hia Chialiang the owner of an Chinese Opera House who was being bullied by gangsters, but in the end he is arrested and press charges against for attempted murder because the gangsters are kids that have power. He is then sent to prison

In prison Fai behaves aggressively and continuously fights and argue with the main ring leaders in Prison, but is able to win everytime. Din helps Fai from being beaten by a group and Din shows his skills in damage. Fai and Din then land in the eye sight of Sitie who wants good henchmen to join his gang.

Bparnsak sends Naragorn in a disguise to talk to Sitie about breaking out of jail. Sitie contacts Fai to let him start a problem. Fai goes and start something with Din and in the issue gets too big for the authorities to control so Sitie uses the opportunity and breaks the door and leaves. Fai, Din and everyone else follows. Sitie opens the path so that Fai and Din could get into the car with him and escape being captured by authorities.

In the Lion gang Din remembers Bparnsak and Fai is sent to help in the American Bar while Din is sent to take care of the boxing arena. Fai takes Din to meet Colonel Sawaeng and in the end Din becomes one of the secret investigation intelligence officers in a mission to help the country. Ni Orn gains the interest of some elders in the entertainment business who wants her to be in movies and because of her beauty and cuteness she is then in the interest of the public causing her to be famous overnight. Once Din meets Ni Orn again, Ni Orn feels close to Din, but doesn’t remember him causing Din to feel hurt and a bit upset thinking that Ni Orn had forgotten their promise.

Ni Orn then feels weird around Din as if she has know him before. But once she goes and talk to him and get to know him Din then avoids her and pretend as if he doesn’t care about her feelings causing her to want to win him over. Once it is time Fai goes to send news to the Secret Investigative Intelligence Unit in Akkee’s disguise and he is particularly interested in Naragorn who is more strong than the average woman and particularly good in self defense mechanisms. Naragorn dislikes Akkee and doesn’t like weak men. There are often instances where Naragorn must rescue Akkee and the two gets close causing Akkee to fall in love with Naragorn without knowing that Naragorn has fallen in love with a man named Fai one of the men in the Lion gang.

Tony a very talented person from Vietnam comes to Thailand to be Bparnsak’s advisor on how to improve his heroine warehouse and making it more futuristic and modern. This causes Bparnsak to be very happy and favorable. Sitie is uncomfortable with it because he doesn’t like the fact that Tony has taken his spotlight from being Bparnsak’s favorite Henchman. At the same time Tony is having an affair with Nikki who is the girlfriend of Sitie without him knowing. Bparnsak then sends someone in hopes of assassinating cabinet minister Sachon. Fai overhears and quickly tells Colonel Sawaeng. This causes Naragorn to find out that there is a spy within their gang. She quickly sends the news to Sitie. Bparnsak and Sitie then has their eyes on everyone in the gang and continues on with their plan in assassinating the cabinet minister. But they have come up with an alternative plan to let the spy reveal themselves.

Colonel Sawaeng quickly reports the plan to assassinate the cabinet minister and devises a plan by getting a person that looks similar to the cabinet minister, but once the assassinator has the chance he shots causing the cabinet minister’s double to fall. As the authorities are racing to arrest the assassinator he jumps onto a motorcycle waiting for him and then hides in a truck delivering products. At the same time a motorcycle with a man similar to the assassinator drives out and confuses the authorities.

Cabinet Minister Sochon is relieved that he survives the assassination attempt because of the body double plan. But once he returns to his office he is stopped by Nikki who has disguised herself. Once Nikki realized that Sochon is still alive she shoots him causing him to die immediately. The plan of Bparnsak succeeds, but there is a break in the gang once Tony and Sitie fights to be the top henchmen. At the same time Nikki leaves Sitie for Tony causing the rift to be even bigger.

Fai and Colonel Sawaweng knows right away that there is a spy within the Unit, but they keep calm and secretly investigate it quietly. Din is sent to take care of the Boxing Arena and meets and old boxing teacher who is the owner of a boxing group and he has a daughter named Narm (Water) who is a woman that is very good in self defense mechanisms. Noensing who is one of their boxers is asked by Bparnsak to fault in the boxing ring because he wants to beat Somchai who is the Promoter of the boxing group. Bparnsak and Somchai who is the promoter have issues against one another, but Nonsing backs him up. This causes Noensing to be cocky and asks Bparnsak to give him a wedding with Ni Orn. Bparnsak agrees..

The boxing instructor finds out about it and is angry. Noensing kills the instructor and throws the responsibility to Bparnsak causing Narm to be angry with Bparnsak for killing her father. She wants to go and invade on Bparnsak, but Din stops her and Colonel Sawaeng contacts Narm and asks her to join the Unit and she agrees to help destroy Bparnsak. She is then sent in to disguise herself as a member of the Lion gang.

Narm’s beauty causes Sitie to be interested in her and Narm uses this to her advantage by seducing and causing Sitie to love her more and start to draw a rift between himself and Bparnsak. Lom (Wind) a person that lives near a waterside doesn’t like gangsters who like to cause trouble amongst the villagers so he starts a private invasion on them causing Colonel Sawaeng to send Fai to talk to him and get him to join the Unit.

Noensing comes and claim the promise that Bparnsak had made to allow him to marry Ni Orn. Bparnsak pretends to agree and tries to find a way to get rid of Noen Sing. Ni Orn finds out and is real sad because she doesn’t want to marry Noen Sing. Din is very hurt that Ni Orn is marrying Noensing and kidnaps her. Bparnsak is really angry and sends Noensing to go find Din. Din takes Ni Orn to Yaowarat and receives help from Lom. Once Din finds out that there is a group that is dedicated to getting rid of mafia’s he joins. Ni Orn isn’t happy that Din has destroyed her name, but at the same time she is relieved that she doesn’t have to marry Noensing and she will be spending a peaceful life with Din.

Fai investigates his fathers case and finds out that the person that framed his father is a higher power and he is then the target of assassination in hopes of hiding the truth. The higher ranking official tells Bparnsak causing Fai’s secret identity to be revealed. Colonel Sawaweng is then nearly assassinated causing the Secret Investigative Intelligence Unit to be closed. Fai runs from Narongarn and goes to Yaowarat to meet up with his friends. Sitie has a rift with Bparnsak and takes Narm away to run from assassination attempts. Bparnsak sends Nikki to trick and kill Sitie. Narm runs away and meets up with the others. Din, Narm, Lom, and Fai (Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire) then becomes the headmen to going against the mafia.

The get together of the four becomes a great combination of work since each has their own special talent. All four tries their best to completely destroy the mafia. Ni Orn even though she is locked in the house she starts to regain some memories but not completely. One day she overhears of their plan to kill Bparnsak and destroy his heroine factory which she never knew about and she runs away. Noensing finds her and Ni Orn goes back home and in the end Noensing goes and takes her and Ni Orn runs away once again.

Naragorn is sad that her love cannot be, but then she finds out that the assassinator that killed the cabinet minister is not her real father but the person that killed her father so she decided that she doesn’t want to be a bad person anymore and wants to help Fai destroy Bparnsak, but then she is hunted by Bparnsak. Din, Narm, Lorm, and Fai gets together and tries to destroy Bparnsak heroine’s factory, Bparnsak and his men try to stop them, but Fai gets police back up to help them. Noensing follows Ni Orn and follows to the heroine factory. Din and Noensing fights and Din is able to defeat Noensing, but Narm stabs Noensing with the same knife that he used to stab her father.

Fai chases Tony in hopes of helping Naragorn, who was taken by Tony. Once they meet face to face Fai is shot by Tony. Tony takes Naragorn onto the airplane and once they get on the airplane it blows up causing Tony and Naragorn to die instantly along with the heroine. Fai is saddened that he was unable to save Naragorn’s life.

Din comes face to face with Bparnsak and tells him that truth that he is the son of Bparnsak’s former best friend Sing. Bparnsak tells him that he knows everything but didn’t do anything because he hoped that Din would remember that he let him go as a boy. Din is shocked that Bparnsak remembers him and tries to shoot him, but Ni Orn comes and beg for her fathers life. Bparnsak uses this opportunity to shoot Din. He attempts to shoot Din one more time, but Ni Orn begs for him to quit causing trouble but Bparnsak refuses to listen and tries to shoot, but Fai brings in police back up to help stop the situation. This becomes the close of the heroine drug factory and Din, Narm, Lom, and Fai (Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire) becomes the symbol for good. They then teach the villagers and public to do good for the new generation.

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