Dome Thong

Also Known As: โดมทอง
Genre: Horror Period Drama Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: February 20th, 2009
to: April 18th, 2009


Nattarika is given a job as a governess in Saranyu’s house. Known to those around them as the Golden House. The house holds a lot of mystery that are chosen to be left unexplained. there was a ghost that haunted the mansion at night. Or so the villagers thought.

Saranyu sees Nattarika and finds her beauty to be intriguing. There is also a women (housekeeper) that does not want anyone to get near Saranyu because she wanted another women that was introduced to us as Saranyu’s cousin to he with Saranyu. She was madly in love with Saranyu and Saranyu only viewed her as his cousin.

Nattarika herself was fascinated by Saranyu but kept it to herself. She and Saranyu’s sister grew close as teacher and governess. The housekeeper planned many ways to get rid of Nattarika but she was always helped by Saranyu.

Saranyu also had a grandmother that was alive. His features resembled his grandfather greatly which made his grandmother loved him a lot for that fact. She loved her husband very much but her husband had a mistress and so she was furious with her husband until the day that he died. Nattarika’s name and feature resembled the women that her husband cheated with a lot. Which made the grandmother despise Nattarika as well as afraid of her.

Nattarika also heard strange voices at nights. Voices that moaned and yelled out to he helped. But no one in the house would tell her where they came from or if they heard of it too at night.


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