Fai Luang

Also Known As: Pretend Love
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 12
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 1998


The story opens up with a conflict. Naparoot’s father goes over to visit Pornwarai, who is his secret mistress. Porn and Naparoot’s father was having an affair for two years now and today was his birthday. In the two years, he has taken care of Porn and her little sister, Yotien. He bought them cars and a house and got his friend to get Porn’s sister a job. He met Porn when she was living in the Thai slums. Napartoo’s father’s visit turned sour when Porn confronted him with truth. That within those two years and before the two years, she already had a husband, Nitan. Naparoot’s father became shocked and enraged and disappointed, because he really did love Porn. Realizing that he had been used for his money, and with a bad heart, Naparoot’s father walked out of his mistress’s house weakly and faintly.

He returned home to find his family had been awaiting him with a surprise birthday party. This made him feel guilty for his two year affair even more by knowing how kind his family was. He felt ashamed that he cheated on his wife, and deceived his family for two years. He also felt foolish and ignorant for allowing himself to be cheated by Porn. He excused himself from the party and retired to the family room. Naparoot followed him to attend to his care realizing how weak and tired his father looked. His father then told him everything that happened before he had a heart attack and passed away.

During the funeral, Tien came to give her respects and to beg for forgiveness because she did not agree with what her sister did. Tien saw Naparoot’s father as her own father and loved him very much. Tien wanting to ask Naparoot’s father’s soul/spirit for forgiveness, on behalf of her sister, brought a flower ornament to the funeral with her sister’s name ,Porn on it. As soon as the family saw Pornwarai’s name they became angry and thought that Tien was Porn. They didn’t allow her to pray or pay any respects. They also kicked her out of the funeral. Naparoot and the family blamed the death of their father on Porn. They also vowed they would get revenge.

 What happened when a son vowed to take revenge of his father’s death by going after his father’s Mistress. What happened if he stumble upon his opponent, the younger and feisty sister of the Mistress. Will he accomplish what he set out to do?

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