Fai Tang See

Also Known As:
Genre: Drama Romance
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 1995


Lisa belonged to a wealthy family. She has a good family background, and her father was an ambassador for Thailand in Amsterdam, Holland where they live. One day Lisa and her friend Mary went to eat at a restaurant. This is where she meets Mike. Her friend went to the bathroom, and she saw all the nice perfume bottles and soaps in there. She decides to steal it. Mike suspects something so he went to the washroom and saw the items missing. When he went to confront Mary, all he saw was Lisa because Mary went to use the pay phone outside. Mike wanted Lisa to take responsibility. Lisa was forced to pay for the missing items, and to make Mike mad she tipped him five cents. Their first meeting was not a good one.

Mary and Mike’s best friends became friends when Mike’s friend rescued her from a robbery in her own apartment. Eventually Mike and Lisa met again because of their friends, and they began talking and came to an understanding and became good friends. Because Mike is such a sweet, handsome, and romantic guy he eventually made Lisa fall in love with him.

There was only one problem, Lisa’s grandmother is very strict and wants to control Lisa’s life like she controlled Lisa’s father life. Her father was first married to her mother without her grandmother’s approval. Because of her grandmother’s force and power, her mother was driven out of the family. Her father listened to his mother to much and was powerless from stopping his own wife from leaving. Lisa’s grandmother then forced her father to marry another woman of a better background. Her grandmother thought that she was doing what was best for the family and didn’t think of how she was hurting them.

When Mike went to ask Lisa’s grandmother’s permission to date Lisa, her grandmother was disgusted with Mike’s poor background. She immediately refused and told Lisa never to see Mike again. But they continued seeing each other behind her grandmother’s back. Her grandmother wanted to make sure that Lisa married a wealthy well breed man, so she arranged a marriage for Lisa and planned a surprise wedding for her.

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