Game Tun Ha

Also Known As: เกมตัณหา
Genre: Drama
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year:


Pupae is a journalist and she’s quite good at what she does. She lives with her grandmother and her younger sister. Her father was murdered but everyone keeps insisting that he died in a car accidents. Pupae and her family know that there is more to it than that and that Dom’s family is linked to it, though she doesn’t know that Dom is related to the family. (yet..)

She first meets Dom who just returned from overseas, when a lady was robbed on the street and was stabbed because she resisted. Pupae being a good citizen looks around for someone to help her and at this time Dom stops his car there and she makes him take her and the lady to the hospital. Dom gets weak at the site of blood so he’s nervous and driving unstable so he switch places with Pupae. When they reach the hospital Pupae goes in to assist the lady and Dom leaves immediately and gives a story of his cowardnes for Pupae to tell her friends.

Pupae is assigned a story in which she has to go interview Dom’s father, and she looks at it as a way to get closer to the truth of the death of her father. Dom’s family is a private one so they refused to be interviewed and this is also when she learns that Dom is the youngest son of the family. Being a hard-headed reporter she comes back everyday to ask over and over again for an interview.

She also meets Dom’s nephew who is a lying and manipulative kid. When he does something wrong he places the blame on others. As the movie goes on, Dom buys the newspaper that Pupae works for and he becomes her boss. They spent more time together because he follows her on her assignments and help her out and learns of her talents in the journalism field and admires her for it.

In the meantime Kik Mayurin is also in love with Dom and she tries everything that she can to separate the two. She also uses her connection to Dom’s father to try to get Dom to maarry her, but Dom just bluntly dismisses it, at this point he is in love with Pupae.

There are internal conflicts with Dom’s older brother. He is obsessed with money and he commits embezzling and illegal things. At one point he sacrifices his son to be kidnapped so that he can get ransom money from his father. Pupae has been noticing some of these things and she ends up finding the house that they kept Dom’s newphew in, but before she could rescue him she, herself gets locked in with him. Anyway, they end up escaping and  hid in an abandoned building. From this point Dom’s nephew is started to like Pupae. During the hiding, Dom’s nephew got sick and Pupae got out to find Dom. He immediately came to get them.

At this point the truth of their feelings is obvious. They both love each other, but Pupae’s grandmother refuses to let her have a relationship with Dom or his family, because she still believes that they are the one who took her son away from her.

One day Pupae’s mother headed to Dom’s house and she asked the question that she’s been wanting to ask and finds out that Dom’s father faithful servant had indeed order someone to kill Pupae’s parents, but Dom’s father had no clue of his action and so he bowed down to Pupae’s grandmother feet and begged for forgiveness.

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