Gerd Tae Chard Pang Nai

Also Known As: Which Lifetime Were You Born At?
Genre: Crime Drama
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 1999


This is a story about a spirit named Non, who was shot and killed by a motorcycle gang that rob him. He is worried about his pregnant wife and daughter when he learned that he was dead. In order for him to get through them, he must go into the the mind of Mookthida, an insurance agent. He first encounter her when she was being harassed by the same gang and same exact spot where he was murdered. Non help saved her from being rape by possessing her and scaring them away. After they left, his spirit came out her body and she awaken to see him, and realize that he was one of her insurance customer. When Non informed her that he is a spirit, she passes out.

That same day, he follows her to her house. Mookthida was scared, so she prays for the house protector to not let him in. Non just wants her to help him by going to his house to checked up on his family. That night, he kept popping in her mind until she agrees to do so. Mookthida finally gave in after exhaustion and not being able to sleep, so she promise him that she would the next morning.

The next morning she pays a visit to Non’s house and informed his wife that she saw him in her dream and for her to invite his spirit into their house. The wife agree and did per Non’s request, because she loves him. Non was very happy, although they couldn’t see him, but he was satisfied that he is able to keep an eye on them.

Mookthida is now happy that the spirit is leaving her alone, as promised. She’s thinking her life will be back to peace again until Non came back again….

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