Golden Pouch

Also Known As: 황금주머니 / Golden Pocket
Genre: Family Romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: November 14th, 2016


Golden Pouch is a romantic story about a genius surgeon, Han Suk Hoon (Kim Ji Han), who falls to the ground and succeeds as a master in dumplings, and finds the true meaning of love and family.

Han Suk Hoon

Geum Sul Hwa

Yoon Joon Sang

Geum Jung Do

Kim Choo Ja

Geum Doo Na

Geum Se Na

Yoon Jae Rim

Mo Nan Sul

Yoon Ji Sang

Sa Gwi Jung

Shin Yoo Na

Bae Min Gyoo

Bae Min Hee

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