Hong Sabud Lai

Also Known As: หงส์สะบัดลาย
Genre: Action Drama Romance
Episodes: 13
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: August 14th, 2012
to: September 13th, 2012


Dramatic beginnings for our political thriller “Hong Sabat Lai,” Nay (Janie Tienphosuwan) witnessed the murder of her parents at a very young age and was carted off to Paris by her father’s best friend, a fellow businessman who raised her and instructed her that she must put away the trauma and pain behind her- while her younger brother, Wee or Don (Alex Rendell) was taken under their driver’s wing as his son, living a humble and meager life in Thailand.

10 years later Nay has grown up to be a regal, serious and beautiful woman. She became quietly engaged to Siwat (Art Pasut), her father’s best friend’s son, yet they could not marry until their ultimate goal and plan become realized.

Her father’s best friend, whom Nay regarded as “Uncle,” has devised an elaborate plan to go after the greedy and corrupt man who had murdered her parents. The death of her parents not only represented her tragic past, but it implicated the country’s welfare too. So Uncle contrived for Siwat to run for congress and eventually unveil the bad man’s true colors. However in order to return to Thailand and remain safe from the bad guys, Uncle hired a bodyguard, Rabin (Por Nattawut) to protect Nay. Rabin is not your average bodyguard , he used to be a cop (and very capable one at that) back in Thailand but has lost hope in life as a cop after losing his loved one. He covered up his angst by appearing the complete opposite on the outside, goofy and cheerful, but on the inside, he is tortured and missed his beloved one so.


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