Hua Jai Klai Roong

Also Known As: หัวใจใกล้รุ่ง / The Heart Of Glairung
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 15
Broadcast Network: Channel 3
Broadcast Period: February 3rd, 2014
to: February 21st, 2014


This is the fifth Thai drama of the “Lookmai Kong Por”-Series…

The story is about the romance between the childhood friends Nek (Art) and Pek ( Fai) . The couple have been together since childhood. They had special affection toward one another, but not particularly comfortable talking about their feelings for each other, so therefor, either one had the chance to admit about their love.

Growing up, the two decided to go their own path to accomplish their idealistic dreams. Pek has now become the first pilot handsome guy and Nek’s fascination for guitar had made her became a music teacher.  The two met again after 10 years. Will they make the same mistakes not admitting their feelings again?

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