Imaginary Cat

Also Known As: 상상고양이
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Romance
Episodes: 8
Broadcast Network: MBC every1
Broadcast Period: November 24th, 2015
to: January 12th, 2016


Based on the same title webcomic by Kim Gyung, which was published from 2014-June-02 to 2015-April-06 via “”“. This drama will be the first drama to tell the story of cats for the first time in Korea. A human and a cat, who have each one’s own mental wound, live together and heal the wounds through the co-habitation.

Hyun Jong Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho) is a webtoon writer who works part-time at a bookstore. Becoming a webtoon writer has always been his dream, but he has some difficulties due to his stubborn and self-centered personality. On on rainy day, Hyun met a stray cat and decide to bring it to live with him. He names it BoK Gil and from then on, he starts opening his mind to the cat. He works hard to make a living for his cat Bok Gil.

The drama will also tell a story from Hyun’s point of view and then also from the cat’s point of view. The cat has a different take on what’s wrong with his human’s life. Although he can’t offer his human any advice, Hyun’s furry friend provides a source of comfort and support as he goes through difficult times.

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Hyun Jong Hyun

Boggil (voice)

Oh Na Woo

Ma Joo Im

Dok Ko Soon

Yook Hae Gong

Park Jin Sung

Jung Soo In
Shim Min

Heo Gong Joo


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