Jao Sao Rim Tang

Also Known As: Roadside Bride
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 13
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Release Year: 2010


Rasa is an orphanage. She is raised by a money-hungry foster mom and her spoil daughter. Her foster mom also has a no-good, rapist wannabe boyfriend, who on occasion will try to assault Rasa.
Rasa, on the other hand, is a diligent worker, values education, and is kind to others. Even though her foster family mistreat her,  she never abandon them due to moral obligations.

Akrin is  a charming rich playboy. He is a heir to a well-known fitness complex called M Fitness.. His grandfather Amnat is fed up with his immature, careless, insincere lifestyle and wants him to get married. If he doesn’t get marry by a certain time, he won’t inherit M Fitness. That goes as well for his sister Ornuma, who also has to get married if she wants to inherit the family business.

As the the marriage deadline slowly approaches and he doesn’t like any of his potential brides, Akrin decides to hire someone as his bride. He hires Rasa, the girl he likes and the only girl in Thailand who has the audacity to reject him every time he makes a move on her. Their marriage will be a sham, it will be for one year and he will pay her a total of 2 million baht. He will give her 1 million baht at the beginning of their marriage and 1 million baht at the end of their marriage. Rasa accept his offer, only because she needs the money to help her foster mother, who is awaiting surgery. Thus, this is how their life together begins through a fake marriage.

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