Jao Ying Lum Sing

Also Known As: เจ้าหญิงลำซิ่ง
Genre: Comedy Romance
Episodes: 18
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Broadcast Period: December 3rd, 2008
to: January 29th, 2009


Jao Ying Kwanwarin is a princesses who is bored of her life of being told what to do and having people follow her every move. She escapes at night sometimes disguised as a boy to go out and live the life of a normal person.

Nawee is a traditional Thai musician (Lum Sing) style of music. He’s trying to mix traditional and modern music together, but is not successful. He is asked by his former teacher to return to take over Lum Sing Tong. The place is in debt and they need to figure out a way to pay the loan sharks and start making Lum Sing popular again.

The story opens when Jao Passakorn and his mother are plotting to take over. He drugs Jao Ying Kwanwarin and failed, instead got stabbed by her body guard Rasamee. The punishment for stabbing royalty is death, so Rasamee and Kwanwarin escape. While they were escaping, Warin ends up meeting Nawee again. On the night of the escape, Rasamee and Kwanwarin got separated. Henchmen of  Jao Passakorn injure Rasamee and found Warin. Warin ends up bumping her head and lost her memory. Nawee feeling bad took her to live with him at the Lum Sing Tong.

With no memory, Warin dreams that she was a Lum Sing singer and starts learning to dance and sing. She became good at it, but at the same time she was also bullied by Khun Gumlai (dance teacher) and Khun Rot (Lum Sing singer).

Time passes and Lum Sing Tong is still in debt so Warin and Nawee go to the city to find a friend of their teacher, but unfortunately he past away  and all he left for them is a sheet music. Nawee writes the words for the music  from his heart that are meant for Warin. The song became a hit and he becomes a popular singer.

Eventually Rassamee ends up meeting Warin again and she eventually tells her who she really is. Torn for her love of Nawee and being a singer she realizes what her duties are and after her last concert she returns home.

In the end they realize that Kwanwarin is being used by Jao Passakorn and his mother and they go undercover to try to break her out.

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