Also Known As: จ้าวพายุ
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: Thai TV5
Broadcast Period: November 12th, 2013
to: January 13th, 2014


A family drama centering around a war between a heiress (Jieb) and her half-brother (Nike).

Orathai is the only daughter Siva Janecharattrakul, a millionaire of a well-known family, with his first wife. Orathai grows up very lonely because her father decides to get together with one of the maids named Apa whom is around Orathai’s age after her mother had passed away. Apa is able to help Siva forget his sadness and loneliness thanks to the loyalty and the love she has for him. He even forgets about Orathai’s feelings which causes her to hate her father’s new wife more and more each day for stealing her father away from her. Orathai continuously harasses Apa any chance she gets which causes Siva to worry. Eventually, Apa gives birth to Suvin, or Lom, and he becomes the son of the Janecharuttrakul family.

Sure enough, Orathai refuses to let this to go on. She can no longer stand having her father’s new wife and son stealing the love from her father. She feels that the family fortune should be hers and hers only. One night while Siva is away, Orathai forces Apa and Lom out of the house. She accuses Apa of cheating. Apa leaves willingly even though Lom is only 5 years old. Siva has never believes that it was true. He is always curious as the real reason that she left him. No matter how hard Siva tries to search for them, nothing ever comes of it. Orathai is certain that Apa will never show up again due to the fact that she had threatened Lom’s life that night.

20 years has passed since, Orathai believes that she will finally be peaceful. She is wrong. Because her husband has reminded her of the past by having his own mistress. But instead of causing a scene, she chooses to secretly investigate this woman instead. Orathai wants Sutavee, her misbehaving son, to marry Fahsai. Fahsai is an adopted niece of Banjerd, her husband. Orathai wants this to happen simply because she feels that Siva cares more about Fahsai than Sutavee, his own flesh and blood. And due to Fahsai’s loyalty, Orathai believes that she will be able to control the family fortune. She does not care that Banjerd disagrees with this and Sutavee even says that he does not have feelings for Fahsai at all. Still, Orathai does not change her mind. Sutavee can only keep his discontent bottling up, waiting for the day it explodes.

In the midst of problems in Orathai’s life, she has no idea that the nightmare of her past is coming to haunt her once again. Siva is finally successful in his search for Apa and Suvin. It is the same day that his cancer symptoms take toll on him which causes Siva to be hospitalized. Apa gives in, she takes pity on Siva. However, she refuses to tell him the reason for her leave. Apa knows very well that Orathai will never allow for her and her son to go back and live at the mansion again. Apa had to accept raising Suvin as he grows up resenting his father. She knows that her son is a hot-tempered man. And if he knows the truth that Orathai threatened to end his life, Apa fears that he would not let her get away with it.

Due to Siva being in the hospital, Suvin runs into Orathai after 20 years. Suvin is unable to stand seeing Orathai falsely accuse Apa of things and he runs in to hurt her. However, Fahsai gets in the way and gets injured because of it. Because of this, Fahsai believes that Suvin is a cruel and barbaric person. Once she realizes that Siva is hurt by this, she wants to repair the relationship between him and Suvin. This causes Suvin to grow annoyed with Fahsai. But Fahsai’s good nature and cheerfulness moves his cold heart, despite the fact that he is currently dating Pinmanee.

Suvin has no idea that Pinmanee is secretly a prostitute. Her clients are high-class men. Pinmanee plays Suvin by being nice and understand around him. However, her true intention is to trap a handsome and rich man in order to escape her life that is full of hardships. Pinmanee has to help out her mother and her stepfather whom does not do anything. She is unable to abandon her mother. No one knows of Pinmanee’s secret, even Fahsai who happens to be her best friend. Pinmanee has always been jealous of Fahsai’s fortunate life. Kaewta, another close friend of theirs, is also jealous of Fahsai’s life. Pinmanee dreams to have a man who can take care of her just as Kaewta does. But in Kaewta’s case, she chooses to be with an old man who can help her live happily financially.

Unfortunately for Kaewta, that old man is Banjerd, Orathai’s husband. Kaewta does not care that Orathai detests mistresses and is willing to do anything even betraying Fahsai. Kaewta gets away whenever Orathai suspects anything thanks to Banjerd’s help and also Dej’s, a man who works for Banjerd. Dej has a crush on Kaewta. A teacher at Fahsai’s school named Chonmade has been keeping an eye on Kaewta himself.

Orathai becomes distressed when she hears that Siva plans to give half of the fortune to Suvin. She is certain that she will be able to defeat them just as she did 20 years ago. After failing to force Siva to change his mind, she decides to use Fahsai has her tool so that Siva will give the fortune to Sutavee instead. She tells Sutavee to win Fahsai’s heart and get married as soon as possible. However, Sutavee is currently dating Saralai, the daughter of a politician. Still, he does not go against his mother wishes, that is until he meets Pinmanee and falls madly for her.

Saralai is upset that Sutavee is more interested in Pinmanee than her so she decides to attack Pinmanee. Saralai loses the fight which causes Sutavee to fall for Pinmanee even more thanks to her fierceness. After he learns that Pinmanee is dating Suvin, he wants her even more. Saralai chooses not to quit and tells Orathai about Pinmanee. As expected, Orathai refuses to accept Pinmanee. But because Sutavee is head over heel for Pinmanee, he goes against his mother for the first time in his life. He insists that he wants to be with Pinmanee no matter what.

Sutavee tells Pinmanee about Suvin receiving half of the family fortune. She decides to not let Suvin go and tends to lead both men on. She still does not know which of these two men will control the family fortune. Thus, Pinmanee has to hide that fact that she’s seeing Sutavee from Suvin. It is not difficult for her to do so, what’s difficult is getting in Sutavee’s head in order to win over Orathai.

Sutavee and Orathai argue more and more often, he tells her that he is willing to marry Fashsai but under the condition that Pinmanee will be his mistress. Orathai is in shock, he slaps her son’s face and refuses to allow it. More problems rise when she notices that Suvin and Fahsai has something going on with one another.

Often times, when Siva gets pissed off by Orathai and the rest of the family, the person who takes most of the heat is Fahsai. Once, he accidentally hurts her physically and he feels very guilty about it. He tries being nice to make things up to her. The two feels closer and closer. And Kaewta, who had only been with an old man realizes the taste if real love once she meets Suvin. She refuses to allow Suvin to end up with Fahsai so she tells Fahsai about Pinmanee being his girlfriend. Then, she pretends to understand what Fahsai is going through, that you cannot simply force love to happen or not to happen. But in the end, Suvin is dating Pinmanee and Pinmanee is their best friend. Kaewta asks Fahsai to give her word not to betray Pinmanee by stealing Suvin from her. Since Fahsai is such a good person, she willingly agrees even though she finds it painful to do so.

Fahsai begins to stay away from Suvin and asks that they not go any further because she does not wish to betray her friend. Suvin does not understand Fahsai and accepts what she tells him so that she will not feel uncomfortable. Kaewta is pleased that she is able to get in between them and begins her plan to be with Suvin. Fortunately for her, Banjerd moves out of the house to be away from Orathai. They move to a bigger house that is close to where Suvin lives. She tries to hide the fact that she is friends with Fahsai and sleeping with Banjerd from him.

Neither Suvin and Apa suspect anything from Kaewta. They do not know that she is Fahsai’s friend because whenever Suvin goes visit Fahsai at the school, Kaewta would hide. Samlee is the only person that does not trust Kaewta and suspects that she is somebody’s mistress. After a while, Kaewta is unable to deal with Orathai. She confines in Pinmanee. Pinmanee is startled when she finds out about Kaewta’s relationship with Banjerd. She consoles her friend but intends to use this secret as the key to enter the Janecharattrakul family.

Meanwhile, Orathai is nearly explodes when she is still unable to find who the mistress is. Sutavee offers to give some hints to his mother despite Pinmanee’s protests. Pinmandee sells her friend’s secret to Orathai in exchange of a comfortable life. However, Orathai is full of tricks herself and still refuses to accept Pinmanee. She believes that Fahsai is the only one who can help her defeat Suvin.

Orathai chooses not to wait once she finds out about Kaewta being her husband’s mistress. She sends men to hurt her but they failed because Dej gives her warnings. Meanwhile, Pinmanee wants to Orathai to keep the promise that she will allow her to marry her son. Orathai is smart enough to realize that Banjerd would not be too careful around Sutavee. She proposes that Sutavee go deal with Kaewta, in exchange she will no longer get in between his relationship with Pinmanee. Sutavee agrees.

Sutavee brings along Pongpon, Pinmanee’s stepbrother, along even though that Pinmanee does not get along with him. But she agrees to let this happen in order to achieve what she wants. They are able to attack Kaewta nearly dead. Banjerd is distraught over this. And so is Dej, the person who is like a loyal slave to Kaewta.

Fahsai is startled when she learns what happened to Kaewta. Kaewta, full of tricks, is able to fool Fahsai into believing that she really does love her uncle. Fahsai intends to find a way to help and make her friend stop seeing Banjerd. Deep down, Kaewta still refuses to let Banjerd go because she still is not with Suvin yet.

Later, Kaewta finds out that Pinmanee was the one who exposed her secret. She begins digging into Pinmane’s life and finds out that she is a prostitute. Kaewta tells Suvin about this in retaliation. Suvin can hardly believe it so he follows Pinmanee. He sees her with his enemy, Sutavee. He breaks up with Pinmanee right away.

After Pinmanee was abandoned by Suvin, she turns to Sutavee who is her only option. She wants to get married to him but Orathai goes back on her word. Orathai even goes as far as forcing Fahsai to marry her son. Fahsai refuses to marry someone she does not love. She loves Suvin with all her heart, even though she feels that it is only a one-sided love.

One night, Sutavee is drunk and is angry at Orathai. He sees Fahsai and tries to force himself on her out of anger because his mother keeps forcing Fahsai on him. Orathai knows what is going on but does not stop it because this is what she wanted since the beginning. Luckily, Suvin is able to rescue Fahsai on time. Sutavee and Suvin fight. Sutavee intends to shoot Suvin but Fahsai uses herself as a shield. She is shot by him.

Fahsai wants to move out of Janecharattrakul home. Suvin pleads with her to come recuperate at his house. Once Fahsai is there, things are looking up. Suvin seems happier. Apa unsurprisingly understand how those two feel but there is something blocking them. It is their promise to remain only friends.

Orathai learns about Pinnamee being a high-class prostitute from Sutavee’s friend. She tells her son about this. But Sutavee insists that he can accept Pinmanee however she is. However, Orathai cannot. She orders someone to attack Pinmanee hoping to scare her off. Sutavee is able to rescue her in time. Pinmanee instigate the fight between Sutavee and his mother. Out of anger, he goes and causes a scene to his mother in the middle of a full hotel. He announces that Pinmanee will be his bride. Orathai is hurt, she intends to never letting that happen.

Suvin still chooses not to accept Siva as his father which makes Siva’s condition worsen. Apa has no choice but to tell him the truth, that Orathai threatened to kill him so she had to run. She hopes that Suvin will repair his relationship with Siva and that might improve his conditions. But once Suvin learns the truth, he is enraged at Orathai. Fahsai and Apa plead with him to stay calm. Surprisingly, Suvin is calm while Siva is full of anger. He is even more disappointed to find out that his daughter is behind Kaewta’s attack.

Siva intends to not give anything to Orathai and Sutavee. At this point, Orathai can no longer back down. She tells her father to give everything to Sutavee or else she will not let Apa and Suvin live. Siva is worried for Apa and Suvin’s safety. A new will is drafted. Pinmanee hurts herself in order to fool Sutavee into thinking that Orathai did it. Sutavee announces that his fortune from Siva will be his and his only. Orathai will not get anything because she had tried to hurt Pinmanee. Orathai is in shock that her son betrayed her.

Sutavee gets married to Pinmanee whom agrees to stop her special job. Orathai lives in the large mansion all by herself, all alone, because Banjerd breaks up with her to go take care of Kaewta. Pinmanee feels as if she is about to float to heaven, but then Dej shows up at the wedding. He shoots Sutavee in cold blood. After that, he shoots Pongpon and ends up paralyzed. Sutavee is dead on the scene. Dej waits there to be arrested, this is how he chooses to show his love and loyalty to Kaewta for once last time. Kaewta hears about what happened but she is still angry at Pinmanee for betraying her. Kaewta calls Pinmanee out for a meeting in order to get revenge. Pinmanee intends on doing the same since Kaewta exposed her secret to Suvin.

After Sutavee’s death, Orathai lives in isolation. She is vengeful at Kaewta for stealing Banjerd, and at Pinmanee for being the reason her son is dead. Orathai kinds out that Kaewta and Pinmanee are meeting each other. Orathai plans a payback for the two. She is able to tie them up and intends to set them ablaze. Fahsai and Suvin arrive to stop her in time. Suvin, who hated Orathai, becomes the person that snaps her back to reality. Fahsai understands Orathai and tries to tell her not to hurt anybody. Sometimes, things in life are not fair but we should put them in the past. Because if she chooses to do the same things when there are problems, then the results will be the same as before. The storm inside Orathai slowly dies down. She gives up. Suvin and Fahsai untie the two. Kaewta is still full of grudges against Pinmanee, she grabs a knife and stab her. In turn, Pinmanee grab the torch and lit both of them on fire. The two died a pitiful death.

After the unfortunate events, Suvin asks Fahsai to go steady to him instead of being just friends. But he is impatient and asks her to be his wife because he knows that every breath he takes is all about Fahsai. He knows that he cannot go on living a day without her in his life. Fahsai agrees under the condition that Suvin will be a cool breeze and not a vicious storm. Suvin agrees to Fahsai’s terms.

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