Jark Fun Su Nirandon

Also Known As: From Dream to Reality
Genre: Drama Period Drama Romance
Episodes: 10
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 1998


 Thrai and Rani are engaged to be wed…by the liking of both sides of the family. Thrai and Rani could not really get along, because of their differences in ideas and style. Rani is a business type of person, while Thrai was more of an artist. Rani feels that anything that didn’t bring in profit was a waste of time and energy. Thrai valued his art and loves to design jewelry and decorate old homes.

Thrai and Rani are both in the jewely business together. One day, Thrai and Rani went to a jewelry show together, and there he  saw a picture that caught his heart and soul…the picture of a girl who lived back in the past…in the late 1920’s. Thrai fell in love with the girl in the picture and wanted to know everything about her. He knew that her name was Karakhet, the daughter of a Lord, in the Thai court. Thrai decided to buy the house that she used to live in, so he learn more about her.

Thrai was asked to try a new meditation techniques…to meditate and return back into time. He was quite interested…and he tried it. Thrai was so overwhelmed by the result, because he was back in time…the time where Karakhet lived and was still alive. There, in the past…he met his grandfather and became good friends. His grandfather’s name was Mangsong…he was a Chinese man who escaped to Thailand for a better life. Mangsong led him to meet Cheur, Karakhet’s fiancé, and Cheur led him to Karakhet. Cheur saw that Thrai was very talented so he hired  Thrai, to go draw his fiancé’s picture. Thrai was very thrilled.

Thrai met Karakhet in person, to draw her picture…he was more in love with the real Karakhet, who was more beautiful in person than the picture. From there on…Thrai and Karakhet became close, and both fell in love. Cheur became more protective of Karakhet and Thrai’s close relationship, but Thrai didn’t care. Thrai was about to tell Karakhet that he loved her…but then, he was interrupted and had to go back to his time. Shortly after that, he returned to Karakhet…and this time, he went to see Karakhet’s dad and told him that he loves her. As a result. he was kicked out of Karakhet’s home. Karakhet felt that their love was not meant to be true, so she decided to say good-bye…but Thrai would  not accept that, so he decided to elope with Karakhet and live in the country, where they could live in peace.

Thrai and Karakhet went to live at a farm where the owner’s daughter was his grandmother, when she was young and not yet married. She helped them with great support. They both  lived together happily for a short time, until the harsh surroundings made Karakhet’s sensitive body ill…she soon died in the arms of her lover, Thrai.

Thrai had nothing left after Karakhet’s death. He decided to say good-bye to his dear friend…Mangsong, but never did tell him the truth about his beings. The only thing he told Mangsong was that to name his grandson after him, Thrai.

Thrai returned to his time. He then began to fix and decorated the old house where Karakhet once live…to relive her existence in his heart for ever.

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