Jone Plone Jai

Also Known As: The Thief Who Stole My Heart
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 11
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Release Year: 2003


Matumas is a singer at a club owned by Puripat ’s mom.  Jeffrey is Puripat’s half brother, he likes Matumas and she likes him too. The mother knows about their relationship and didn’t approve of it because she thinks Matumas is low class, and that she is not fitting for her son.

Puripat had just came back from the states, He have the rugged look that people often mistaken him as a thief, so when they see him, they often get scared.  On other the hand, Puripat’s step-mother never like him or seen him as her own son, although she knew that he always loved her and will do anything as she said.  Knowing this, she took advantage and ask Puripat to kidnap Matumus, so she can go on with her plan to arrange Jeffrey with another girl that she thinks is perfect for him. Puripat disagree to help his mom because he knew his bother love Matumas, and he don’t want to hurt him.   As a result, the step-mother hire some thugs to kidnap Matumas, and Poo ended up helping her.  Puripat took Matumas to one of his place in the wood to keep everything calm, until he knows what to do with her. Matumas is very mad that he brought her her away from everyone, and more than any thing, she is worried about her mom not knowing her where about.  More problems occurred, when Matamus thought that Puripat have rape her, and the fact that he looks like a thief, made everything fall as it did. So, “What Will Happen After All These Misunderstandings?

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