Kae Erm 2000

Also Known As: Within Reach
Genre: Drama Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast Network: Thai TV7
Release Year: 2000


Saiban’s father was unfaithful to her mother,so she was heart broken, and eventually died.  Her grandfather buried her mother on a hill near their house, so Saiban could go and talk to her mother, whenever she misses her. From then on she lives with her grandparents. They own a lot of land, including a mushroom plantation. Her father got remarried and has a stepson that he wants to arrange with Saiban, knowing that she will inherit everything when her grandparents pass.

Nopepamai is a very intelligent person, he goes to school all over the world on a scholarship from the country. His major was in mushroom. He knows everything any man could know about mushrooms.

Nopepamai, now returned home and became a professor in a school in Chiang Mai . He was then introduced to Saiban’s grandfather and was offered a job to work in their family mushrooom plantation.

Nopepamai was love at first sight when he saw Saiban, and she never noticed him like he does with her.  Every time they encountered each other, they would argue until they get mad. Saiban would make fun of Nopepamai and call him mushroom doctor, and later tell her friends about him. Saiban and Nopepamai eventually grew close when she starts to spent time with him, learning everything about mushroom.


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