Kaen Sanaeha

Also Known As: แค้นเสน่หา
Genre: Drama Family Historical Horror Romance
Episodes: 15
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Broadcast Period: July 2nd, 2013
to: August 20th, 2013


We open with the story of a noble couple in Rangsiya Palace. Than Chai was first in love with Bulahn, but was forced to marry Than Ying Khaekhai. Than Ying has never allowed Than Chai to sleep with her, forcing him to seek out Bulahn, taking her as a mistress, then later bestows upon her the title of Mom, once he found out that she is pregnant with his child. Than Ying is upset and cries to her royal maid, Feung, about Than Chai’s absent in her bedroom and her infertility. Once Bulahn is about to deliver, Than Chai leaves the province for work, giving Feung time to snatch Bulahn’s child after delivery and attempt to kill Bulahn. After Bulahn gives birth during a stormy night, Feung tells Yord to take Mom Bulahn out to the middle of the lake and dump her, while Feung brings Bulahn’s son back to her mistress. Once Yord is out in the middle of the lake, the boat begins to sink.  Yod left Bulahn to struggle as he try to swim away. He ended up swimming back and save her when he heard the cry of a baby.

Yord, Bulahn, and Roong eventually made it to shore and arrives at Chat’s home. Chat’s mother has just given birth also, but due to her weak health, she die. Chat blames his mother’s death on the arrival of Yord, Bulahn, and Roong. Yord pretends to be mute and deaf, while Bulahn never speaks about her past, leaving Pott(the owner) and his mother to care for the three.

After years pass, Chat still hates these three and takes his anger out on Roong, but what will he do as he starts to realize how much he loves Roong, even with all the misunderstandings.

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