Keaw Lerm Korn 2005

Also Known As: แก้วลืมคอน
Genre: Drama
Broadcast Network: Thai TV5
Release Year: 2005


This is a story about a twin who was separated at birth during the war. Kaew was taken by her mother’s servant, and she is raised and treated like a slave. Chitchanok, the other twin, lives a good life with her dad in France.

Kaew is now on the run, she had just accidentally killed her sister’s husband (not her biological sister ) while trying to protect herself from being rape by him, so she went to hide at her so call family’s house. At the same time, her twin Chitcahnok, was also running away from home too. Her purpose is to come to Thailand and search for her mom. The bad guys got the news that Chitchanok is in Thailand, so they are on a spree to capture her, but for some reason, they always get Kaew instead. Kaew have no clue why she is being chased by these people, when she don’t even know them. Chitchanok, on the other hand, never even knew that someone is trying to capture her. One day, while in the free market, the twin finally bumped to each other for the very first time…all questions are being thought of…Will they ever find out they’re sisters, and why the bad guys wants to capture them so bad..?

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