Khun Nai Saam Saleung

Also Known As: Subnormal Madam
Genre: Comedy Family
Episodes: 27
Broadcast Network: Thai TV3
Release Year: 2010


View is a Tomboyish who beats up bullies in her neighborhood. Her neighbor Khunnai Nampetch, who her husband and son abandoned her,  has always been kind to her, and treat View her like a relative. View also envy  Khunnai Nampetch, so she made a vow to look up for her. One day out of the blue, a guy by the name Inkasem came in and declare that he is Khunnai Nampetch’s long lost son. Hearing that, Khunnai was very happy and did not question Inkasem, and took him in her mansion. However, View did not buy the story, so she decided to keep an eye on him, knowing that he is probably in for Khunnai’s money.

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